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2021 Championships

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State Championships for 2021 are STATE, Barrett Reserve West Beach, 12th, 13th and 14th June. COUNTRY 28th, 29th August Mildura, Cnr. 11th and Flora Streets.

SAJSA have to put in a Covid-19 plan to host the Championships and there will be certain restrictions and rules in place to receive permission from SA Health that participants will have to adhere to.

  1. All attendees, players, coaches, officials and spectators will have to use the QR Code displayed or sign the form at the admin office EVERY DAY 
  2. Every Association will need to provide a Covid-19 Marshall for EVERY GAME their teams play in (can be the same person). Associations should now accredit Marshals in preparation for this in readiness so they can monitor the 1.5 social distancing rules. We are not insisting they wear a visible vest but must wear a badge on a lanyard or pinned identifying them as a Marshall.
  3. We recommend that all spectators from each team restrict to either 1 half of the pitch or on the other side if possible to maintain social distancing of 1.5m which the Covid-19 Marshalls will be monitoring.

To make sure this event can run safely and successfully we ask every member Association to make sure all players selected and their parents/guardians/Grandparents are aware of the rules.

With respect to the Country event Sunraysia currently have a Covid plan under review and we will be posting further information of this prior to the event.

The rules for the State Championship are as of this current date and we will keep you informed of any changes that may occur.