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State Championship News

Hi All

First and foremost, I want to thank all Associations and especially the parents that have shown their willingness to act as Covid Marshals. The response has been overwhelming and I sincerely thank you.

I previously listed how many would be required to officiate due to team clashes and I have provided the clipboards accordingly. I note that most have provided a Marshal for each team so I ask that the Marshals share the clipboard with the Marshals from other teams in their Association. If one Marshal from each Association could collect their clipboards and other goods from me between 7.30 – 8.00am on the Saturday at the Admin Office it would be much appreciated.

All we ask of the Marshals is if they could ask their parents politely whether they have used the QR code or filled out the contact form and deposited it in the provided boxes. Please do not enter into conflict but this shouldn’t occur because we feel all attending will be happy to comply. If any additional Marshal vests are required we have 10 available or a badge on a lanyard.

With respect to the coaches and or team managers lodging their teams on Saturday morning, in addition to the programmes and carton of water, we have 3 bottles of liquid sanitiser, kindly supplied by FSA, for each team over the weekend so remember to bring somebody to help carry. The sanitiser is in 500ml bottles in liquid form so please remember to bring one or 2 pump bottles to dispense it.

Finally, please allow me once more to thank you all for your tremendous co-operation and willingness to make this an enjoyable Covid free weekend.

Kind Regards