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Port Lincoln Development Squad

On Friday, 9th December, I had the honour of being invited to attend the Port Lincoln Development Squad, Presentation night. It was attended by at least 100, players, Parents and coaches in their clubrooms. The parents and coaches cooked a barbecue and parents supplied enormous bowls of food for all to consume. Not satisfied with filling the masses they then produced a multitude of cakes and sweets to round off the meal. When we are at championships, I am usually tied up correlating results and do not get much time to mingle. Attending this evening gave me the opportunity to meet and talk with many parents and coaches and gain an insight into their thoughts of the Development programme instigated and run by Mark Panizzollo. The concept and culture being taught in this squad is tailored around developing the players from a young age, up to senior level in a concentrated professional coaching manner. This development programme is already showing results, at championships and in the coming years, Port Lincoln will not just be competing, but winning titles. SAJSA congratulates Port Lincoln for instigating this and look forward to the future results. I also had the honour of presenting medals to the senior squad members which were well received.
Finally, I thank all the parents for the support they are giving Mark and his team of coaches and putting on a very entertaining presentation.