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Country 2023 update

We have noted the comments on Facebook regarding the accommodation and have been working toward a resolution.

First of all we suggested to Whyalla that they switch their turn to 2023 and Broken Hill to 2024.

Unfortunately Whyalla were not able to commit to this after much
discussion and requested they retain the 2024 event.
Many reasons were discussed such as Council funding current unavailability of accommodation etc., all of which will be resolved for 2024.

Once this decision was given BH and myself placed many phone calls to seek accommodation availability in both September and earlier August.
Unfortunately for varying reasons the numbers were not very much different.
Due to all of the above it is now decided that the Country will still go ahead in
Broken Hill, 2nd and 3rd September as previously advised.

Indications are that the accommodation is not as scarce as led to believe so we encourage you to view the list of accommodation released by the BH President.
(posted earlier)

Many of the parents expressed concern that they weren’t sure if their child would be selected so our advice is for an Association to place a group booking and allocate to parents at a later stage.

Finally it has also been suggested that a communal hall can be obtained to house several players and billeting could once again be re-instated. Please run these suggestions past your players which may encourage them to still make the effort to play.