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State Championship decision

Unfortunately during the State Championships in June, Limestone Coast fielded an unregistered player in the U/15 team. SAJSA were made aware of this and after a zoom meeting with 2 representatives of LCFA, it was proven that the allegation was true. SAJSA Board then handed down a decision, in accordance with the Rules and Regulations, that the runner up award given to LCFA, Under 15, be rescinded and awarded to the next team in line, Port Pirie. LCFA appealed this decision to the FSA Appeals committee to have the decision overturned. The appeals committee heard the appeal on Wednesday, 30th August and after hearing all information dismissed the appeal and advised the SAJSA decision stand. Due to this decision SAJSA respectfully ask that all medallions and plaque be returned to SAJSA so that they can be presented to Port Pirie at a Presentation event, scheduled for 22nd. September. SAJSA thanks all the parents and players in anticipation of their co-operation in advance of returning the items.