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SAJSA would like to pay a tribute to a Port Lincoln coach, named Mark Panizzollo.

Mark, in conjunction with the permission and assistance of SAJSA started a development project in Port Lincoln 4 years ago to enable the local talent the opportunity to not only compete, but win Championships at State and Country, this has proven very successful as witnessed by the PLSA results in the last 2 years. After witnessing the results against Yorke Peninsula during the 2024 State Championships, he approached SAJSA and suggested that he would be prepared to hold a development programme in Yorke Peninsula, over 2 days using the same methods used by him in Port Lincoln. Mark has volunteered to carry this out without asking for any recompense at all because he believed PLSA were in a similar position 5 years ago and he felt he would like to assist them to achieve the same results as PLSA. This offer has been gratefully accepted by the Yorke Peninsula Soccer Association and SAJSA sincerely thanks Mark for making this offer to assist at his own cost.