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Associations must ensure that their officials, players, parents and spectators are familiar with the full range of these policies but for convenience some of the more relevant ones are outlined below.

Codes of Conduct
National Code of Conduct – Download
National Spectator Code of Behaviour – Download

Wearing of “Skins” 
SAJSA playing rule 31 (iv) states:

“The wearing of skins shall be in accordance with FIFA policies. (Law no. 4 applies)”

This means that undershirts must match the predominent colour of the playing shirts and undershorts must match the predominent colour of the playing shorts.

Shin Straps and Tape
Tape or other strapping used over socks to support shin guards etc must be the same colour as the socks. 

Wearing of Casts
SAJSA playing rule 31 (v) states:
“Under no circumstances shall a plaster, or any other form of rigid cast be worn by any player playing in a SAJSA tournament”

Wearing of Spectacles
The SAJSA has adopted a specific spectacles policy – Download

Effectively this means that recognised soft frame sports glasses must be worn.

Wearing of Jewellery
Law 4 of FIFA’s Laws of the game applies and states:

“A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself or another player (including any kind of jewellery).” 

Taking of Photographs
The FFSA recognises the Australian Sports Commission Information Sheet on acquiring and displaying images of Children – Download. Anyone with concerns over the way photographs are taken at SAJSA events should immediately report their concerns to the SAJSA Administration. 

Approaches to players by Clubs or non FFSA Talent ID representatives at Championship events
“All approaches to players and the promotion of Individual Clubs or State Representative Teams or other Development Activities or Clinics is banned at the State and Country Championships unless it is undertaken by accredited FFSA Representatives. In the past these activities have caused confusion as to the bona fides of representatives and the purpose behind the approach. Allowing these activities could give arise to accusations of endorsement or bias or favouritism by the SAJSA. Approaches to players and the distribution of promotional material of any kind will only be allowed by the accredited FSAA representatives at the Championships who will be clearly identified by their FFSA attire.”